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We advise you for your business. Whether at the level of its structure, its creation, its evolution, its transmission or its liquidation. We can also assist you with any problems you may encounter with your customers, suppliers, employees, collaborators, associates, etc.

We have skills and a lot of experience in the administrative, legal and financial fields. We can help you both in support, advice or in some by representing you directly.

We know our limits and will be able to refer you to specialists if necessary.

Administrative assistance

For some reason, administrative help may be necessary.

We help you find organizational solutions taking into account your budget.



The rate is hourly for this type of service. It varies according to the person who sets the task. Evaluations can be made on request.

Documents to send

The documents will obviously depend on your request, we will tell you what we need on a case by case basis. Remember, the more organized the folder is, the less time we spend sorting the data.

How to send the documents ?

The sending form in English is in preparation and will be available soon






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