Services for businesses


We are competent to advise, assist or represent you in matters of direct and indirect taxes in Switzerland.

Online services

Book online and get advice directly by videoconference.


We can assist and train you in the use of Winbiz and assist you in your operations where you really need it.

Lien Winbiz


We adapt accounting and analytics to your budget and needs using modern methods and finding practical solutions in line with your way of working

Salaries and HR

We are involved both in salary management and in the drafting of employment contracts and human resources management.

Legal advices

We advise you on simple legal problems and can guide you on more complex cases.


Our experience in companies to date allows us to support you or accompany you during complex problems.

Other mandates

We are able to help you for any other mandate, such as establishing contracts, documents.

An important partner

Vous faire accompagner par une fiduciaire qualifiée rapporte souvent plus que cela ne coûte !

– Errors can be costly for tax purposes


– Poorly established documents, such as HR, can cause you many problems


– Optimizing a file often generates a much higher savings than your fiduciary’s bill


– Attention! The job is not protected, you must pay attention to the qualifications of the people you mandate