Qualified, experienced and passionate about our job, we value the trust placed in us by our customers, individuals and businesses.

We offer services tailored to their needs in the areas of taxes, accounting, administration and property management.
If you value the skills of your fiduciary company, you should pay attention to the initials FIDUCIAIRE|SUISSE.

The professionals affiliated to the Swiss Union of Fiduciary are generalists at the service of their customers, endowed with cutting-edge knowledge, trustworthy and entrepreneurial spirit.


Treated in 2020 in all the French-speaking cantons.



Processed in 2020 from simple annual accounting to full outsourced management.



In management in 2020, from commercial property to apartments and detached houses.



We have only been active since 2004, but it was Bernard Monachon who opened his fiduciary company at the same address in 1972 and we succeeded him.

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Taxes, accounting, administration, salaries et all other fiduciary services pour businesses

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Our real estate services for property owners


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Tax returns

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Real estate ad

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Online advices

Tax services -20% if property in mgmt

Tax services -20% if property in mgmt


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    As there remains, at the date of writing of this article, a quarter to act with a view to reducing its taxes 2020 and if for you as for Keynes, the famous British economist (1883-1946), “avoiding to pay taxes is the only intellectual research rewarding”......


Laurent Monachon

Specialist in finance and accounting, he has more than 20 years of experience in the field of accounting and taxation.

He is competent in particular in the fields of taxation, accounting, HR management, estate management, simple legal, real estate law and is in charge of the fiduciary service.

Claire Monachon

Trained mainly in the field of real estate but also in the administrative and fiduciary sector, she has more than 15 years of experience in administrative, technical and legal management.. She is in charge of the property management department.

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