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  • 17 Oct Business transfer planning

    Organizing your business succession is something you must plan in advance. Simply doing so at the last moment can affect the success of the transmission and the sustainability of the company. For example, taxes can have different impacts, so need to have time to rethink......

  • 14 Feb Accounting – do it yourself? outsource? We are in an era of flexibility!

    COVID FindingsWe found that choosing an accounting program that allows the agent to work in parallel with the principal could offer significant benefits.Indeed, as a result of the various confinements and telework obligations, some companies found themselves helpless.Companies that outsource their services have certainly found......

  • 31 Dec Tax at source, changes for employees as of 01.01.2021

    As of 2021, there are significant changes in Swiss taxes the tax at source.This article aims to generally inform most of the changes for the employee and does not tend to replace the information coming from the tax authorities to which you must refer.You can......

  • 20 Sep Tax planning – 2020 changes and other considerations

    As there remains, at the date of writing of this article, a quarter to act with a view to reducing its taxes 2020 and if for you as for Keynes, the famous British economist (1883-1946), “avoiding to pay taxes is the only intellectual research rewarding”......

  • 28 Jun Swiss taxation and foreign taxable items

    We have often found that reporting foreign taxes, such as real property, often leads to misunderstanding and can lead to errors in reporting. the simple fact that it is not indicated for fear of being imposed doubly.Below we will try to summarize the effects on......

  • 22 Feb Individual (independent) or capital company (Sàrl, SA)

    The question of the best legal form to adopt is often raised by persons entering a new activity.In order to make a selection, the following points should be considered:Incorporation costs and capital:Depending on the size of the business created, it is sometimes necessary to start......

  • 22 Dec Tax differences between the cantons.

    The tax administration has published the tax burden index by canton. This index is an indicator. But we must remain aware that each situation is analysed on a case-by-case basis. The cantonal tax laws are harmonised but the cantons retain a large margin of manoeuvre......