Services for property owners

Full management

We manage the properties according to the wishes of the owners. The price may vary depending on the proximity of the building and the desired services. Ask us for a quote!

Financial mandate

Nous pouvons nous charger uniquement de la comptabilité immobilière et/ou du décompte de chauffage en fonction de vos besoins. Comptabilité de PPE également possible (mais pas l’administration).

Technical mandate

Our experience and network can be of great help to you.


On demand mandate

For specific needs in the management of your property, when for example you do it yourself. For example search and selection of tenants, inventory, drafting of renting contracts, etc…

Legal advices

We are able to advise you on simple legal issues and can guide you on more complex issues.

Taxes advices  -20%

All tax services with 20% discount when you entrust us with a building in full management

Protect your investment

Using a professional protects your investment
In particular, for the following reasons:

– Contract established correctly


– Better selection of tenants


– Know-how in the event of a technical problem


– Legal knowledge in an evolving field