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Our property management services

As property managers, we offer tailor-made services for our clients.

A full mandate includes financial management (accounting, payment control, payments, reminders, etc.), rental management (the rather legal part related to contracts, selection and search of tenants, etc…), the technical part (supervision of the concierge, management of facilities etc…).

When the owner himself manages part of the mandate, a reduction is granted (20% for financial management and 25% for rental and technical management).

A clear property management contract will be established with you in all cases.

A particularly competent manager

As the tenancy law is very formal and evolving regularly, we keep abreast of legal developments.

As a fiduciary, we also pay a particular attention to the economic and fiscal aspects.

Our experience and our knowledge will guarantee you the optimal management of your property.


Contact us for a rate calculation specific to your building and  your needs.

How much does is cost ?

Most works are invoiced on the basis of a flat rate based on the rents received.

They range from 4% to 5.75% depending on the volume of rents charged.

Some fees may be charged in addition to the case-by-case charges, but they are clearly stated contractually.

The prices indicated do not include VAT.

Special offer 20%

We give a 20% discount on our tax services to all our owner customers with whom we have a contract of property management.

20% permanently on all new contracts for buildings located less than 5 km from our agency, compared to the basic rate






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