Gestion successionsEN

A good manager to avoid conflicts

In the context of the management of common property, whether it is an unshared estate or investments, it may be useful to entrust the management of the property to a neutral third party.

We can also advise you at the same time on tax matters in order to optimize your situation.

Communicate well!

Good communication in order to clarify how things should be managed can avoid many conflicts.

We attach great importance to taking into account the positions.

In addition, we guide you in the best way to find solutions that suit everyone.



The rate is hourly for this type of service. It varies according to the person who sets the task. Evaluations can be made on request.

Documents to send

The documents will obviously depend on your request, we will tell you what we need on a case by case basis. Remember, the more organized the folder is, the less time we spend sorting the data.

How to send the documents ?

The sending form in English is in preparation and will be available soon






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