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If you value the skills of your fiduciary, you should pay attention to the initials FIDUCIAIRE|SUISSE. The professionals affiliated to the “Union Suisse des Fiduciaires” are generalists who serve their clients, have in-depth knowledge, are trustworthy and have an entrepreneurial spirit.

Laurent Monachon

Laurent Monachon

Associé - fiduciaire

Claire Monachon

Claire Monachon

Associée - immobilier


Laurent Monachon founded Fiduciaire Laurent Monachon as a freelance in 2004. He collaborated with his father Bernard, who also managed a fiduciary since 1974.

When his sister Claire Monachon joined him in 2007 as a partner, the company was transformed into a limited liability company.

The company had the opportunity to train several apprentices, all of whom successfully passed their Certificate.

Since its creation, the associates have always made sure to treat their clients’ affairs carefully, as much for small files as for larger files in order to be able to offer a quality and personalized service and to be able to adapt it to their wishes and everyone’s budget.

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