Salary and HR management

We assist or take charge of the management of your salaries, whether it be the establishment of salary or summary sheets, the drafting of contracts and correspondence for your employees, exchanges with social insurance and withholding tax.

Do not ignore the management of salaries and HR

Good salary management is important. Indeed, the legal and financial consequences can be considerable.

In addition, the rules may vary from one company to another, especially if there are collective agreements.



The rate is hourly for this type of service. It varies according to the person who sets the task. Evaluations can be made on request.

Documents to send

The documents will obviously depend on your request, we will tell you what we need on a case by case basis. Remember, the more organized the folder is, the less time we spend sorting the data.

How to send the documents ?

The sending form in English is in preparation and will be available soon






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